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If your organization is considering migrating to a new version of MS SharePoint, you are likely weighing the benefits of an on-premise SharePoint 2013 solution versus SharePoint Online. As most businesses opt to move their internal business applications to the…

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It’s the call every database engineer dreads: a critical (and usually well-behaved) query has been running for hours with no end in sight. SLAs are at stake. The pressure is rising. The DB-A Team isn’t taking your call. It’s time…

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It’s a common situation: you need some simple data entry forms and reports, but you’re facing one of the following blockers, and you have insufficient budget to work around them: You have complex business rules to implement, but no database…

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The PM Antihero


We’ve all been there. Two days before launch and it’s going to be a couple of late nights for sure. Last minute updates and final bug fixes are piling up and it will require some serious long hours to get…

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You’ve built an elegant data model in PowerPivot, and you want to expose it to your users for natural language querying with Power BI Q&A. Even if your data model is perfectly well designed, there are several things you should…

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Over the course of my development career, I have solved numerous problems by simply changing the information that I pass along in a URL. Whether it’s a matter of identifying the correct URL, adding a username and password, or passing…

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While many blogs have been written about automation and self-service (all important), I’ve found a lack of attention from both clients and analysts alike on usage tracking.  Namely, who, if anyone, is using a report – and in what capacity….

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