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The work printer is out of paper, you’ve politely asked Yahoo to reset your password and your relatives are suddenly emailing you and expecting you to join their groups. It must be March Madness season. At Piraeus, we enjoy a…

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Is Piraeus Right for You?


Those of you who have visited our blog have seen much of the industry expertise that distinguishes Team Piraeus. Knowing that many of our readers engage in the same work that we do, we’re inviting you to consider a career…

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There’s a Kickstarter for everything these days – from potato salad to Neil Young’s Pono music player. Kickstarters (and other crowdfunding campaigns) are particularly popular in the arts community, where funds are tight but big dreamers are legion. As a…

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In Search of a Better Search So, say you’ve created a new SharePoint page with multiple web parts and a central list to direct your users. But you want to provide an easy-to-use search option in order to help them…

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