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Excel tips

Assuming you’re a data person, like me, you know the story all too well. You’re approached by a client or manager, and tasked with a reporting request they’d like returned ASAP. You need to pull the data, validate, analyze and…

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SharePoint workflows

Anyone who has used – or created – a SharePoint workflow understands the value. As a tool, it automates the task management and communication of a business process while tracking and monitoring progress. It’s a feature that is available to…

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2015 is a remarkable year in the annals of computing and technology. Moore’s Law, which predicts processing power will generally double every two years, turns 50. Ten years after Gordon Moore (Intel co-founder) made his salient observation, Microsoft incorporated. As…

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SQL Error

Dealing with failures is an all-too-common feature of our complex, interconnected digital world. Here are some tips I’ve found for understanding and resolving errors with SQL Server and a couple of my “favorite” errors. Step 1: Review the logs When…

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Whether your project’s budget is in the thousands or millions of dollars, timeline spanning years or months, I’ve learned that there is something universal for all projects; the importance of a project plan with clear milestones and task ownership. When…

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