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Project Management and asking for help

Perhaps crunch time is looming. Or you feel completely lost. Yet, the mere thought of scheduling time with a sponsor or stakeholder to ask more questions, or delegating work to others on a project can induce pangs of anxiety in…

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Power of Why

Children are insightful, charming, and utterly infuriating–sometimes all at the same time! As I’ve watched mine grow and explore the world, they’ve taught me a few things that I apply as a consultant on a daily basis when seeking to…

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The United States is closing in on another turbulent election cycle. It will likely be filled with political bluster fueled by the numerous candidates and endlessly repeated analysis by the national media. During this time how is one to accurately…

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How to query TFS within a SSIS package

Data warehouses; the backbone of BI and Marketing Analysis. I recall one client who requested a small data warehouse for internal BI purposes.  They wanted to include Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) data as part of the warehouse.  I needed…

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Building Software 1

I was recently reflecting on how Microsoft did away with software testers (Software Development Engineer for Testing, or SDET) a few years back. This reminds me of some jobs and experiences working in environments with no testers, yet producing high-quality…

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Cumulative T

Depending on the insights desired, presenting data models as cumulative, rolling totals – as opposed to showing a Grand Total broken out over periods of time – can be an invaluable tool in analyzing key business decisions, spotting the difference…

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