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Executive assistants. Does the image of a 1960’s “Mad Men” secretary comes to mind? Maybe the image of Anne Hathaway’s character in “The Devil Wears Prada”? In reality, today’s executive assistant is properly represented by neither of these images. What…

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Why Year Up Matters

yearup Piraeus Consulting

When I first heard about Year Up, I thought: ‘This is surely a scam. There MUST be a catch’. The first time I heard about Year Up was from a friend. I wanted to go to school but couldn’t afford…

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Excel 2016: The First Week


As you know, Microsoft is rolling out a new version of Office: Office 2016.  Along with this new rollout comes an upgrade to the old BI standby, Excel. Over the years, the capabilities of Excel have expanded- especially with the…

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Power BI Data Piraeus Consulting

If you’ve explored Microsoft’s new Power BI Designer, you’ve notice one intriguing feature: the number of sources used to pull data. With the source count growing continuously with every weekly update (it’s now up to 42), this array of options…

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sugarscape Creating a Gird Piraeus

So you’re a gamer, and you’ve heard a lot about HTML5 and SVG, and the endless possibilities that exist for making simple games without programs like Adobe Flash or Java, but you don’t know where to start. Imagine for a…

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Blog_So_You_Project_Manager Piraeus

3 Things That Will Help You Start a Career in Project Management Writing skills—check. Organizational skills—check. People skills—check. Congratulations; you have all the essential skills to be a Project Manager! That’s the cool thing about Project Management. You don’t need…

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