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Crash_Test_Dummy Software Testing Piraeus Consulting

I began my career as a software tester without a degree in Computer Science. Throughout my years as a tester, I’ve found that many people see testing as a career entry point, or as an “anyone-can-do-it” position. They see it…

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Tableau Insights Piraeus Consulting

BI in Layers This is an exciting and difficult time in Business Intelligence. The tools available are advancing at a breathtaking rate while best practices are changing equally as fast. While the tools promise to take in data and output…

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SMART Goals Piraeus Consulting a

So, it’s that exciting time of year again; your annual performance review is coming up and it is time to set new goals! Let’s talk about a framework that will be crucial to helping you set specific, measurable, achievable, relevant/results-focused,…

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Power BI Designer Piraeus Consulting

Rock the Mash Pit in Power BI Designer In a previous post (Power BI Get Data: The Mix-Up before the Mash-Up), I reviewed the options available from a vast number of data sources and ways to tailor those data sets prior…

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JavaScript Game Grid Piraeus Consulting

In my last post, we went over creating a map with cells to fill the grid (a cell for each column and row). In this post, we’ll be going over adding a user agent to our previous map. The example…

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What do Project Managers do?

Project_Management Piraeus consulting

The high-level view of a Project Manager’s day to day. If you’re somewhere wondering, ‘what is Project Management really’ or ‘what do Project Managers do’, then this blog post is for you! One of the most rewarding aspects of Project Management…

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