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video game development Piraeus Consulting

Nurturing a video game project is like learning your first handstand, especially if you’re an independent developer with very little game industry experience. It can be disheartening when first starting out and observing that your heroes, such as Tim Schaffer,…

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Dashboards Piaeous Consulting

Business managers today depend on visibility into all aspects of their business or program in order to push for growth, and the means to visibility is data. Right now, the technical barriers for accessing and reporting data are lower than…

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Servie Desk logo piraeus consulting

Process-Driven vs. Knowledge-Driven  A Professional Service Desk, or PSD, is a single point of contact equipped to assist its client with a designated set of business issues. It functions very much like an IT Help Desk, but instead of providing…

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Amazon QuickSight: What We Know

Amazon_QuickSight Piraeus Consulting

At the October Amazon Web Services re:Invent conference, Amazon made waves in the business intelligence world by announcing their own BI debut: Amazon QuickSight. QuickSight will build on what AWS already has – vast stores of data – to add…

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Power BI Design Piraeus Consulting 2

In previous posts, I’ve detailed how to import, configure, and visualize your data sets in the new Power BI Designer desktop app. But what happens after you’ve done the hard work, and you’re ready to share your impressive new report…

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JavaScript Game Design Piraeus Consulting

In my last post, we went over adding a user agent to our previous map. In this post, we’ll be going over how to create a non-payable character (NPC) and add it to the grid. A major piece of almost every…

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Management Piraeus Consulting

The Importance of Clarity in Communications Have you ever read meeting notes that made you scratch your head, wondering what was accomplished or if any decisions were made? Who was assigned key tasks? What’s next? This can be particularly common…

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