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Amazon_QuickSight Piraeus Consulting

Since early October, when Amazon announced the launch of its new QuickSight tool (read our post about the basics), everyone who uses BI technology has been speculating about its potential benefits, as well as its impacts on the market. When…

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joseph_nye piraeus consulting

In the late 1980s, American political scientist, Joseph Nye, introduced the concept of soft power as a policy to express the ability to gain traction with foreign nations and groups through attraction and persuasion rather than using coercion or military…

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Get Started with SQL on Azure

SQL Azure Logo Piraeus Consulting

If you are a developer interested in leveraging the power of the cloud for your project, Microsoft’s Azure is one of the leading platforms to consider. Microsoft has gone “all-in” on the cloud and that includes the venerable SQL Server. If…

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Addressing Decision Fatigue

Decisions Piraeus Consulting

Improving the Cost of Making Decisions One of my main tasks as a Project Manager is to identify decisions and tradeoffs that need to be made, and to help the client make those decisions. Naturally, I have a vested interest…

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Python-logo-Piraeus Consulting

As an associate developer, I read and write code on a daily basis. One day at work, my co-workers and I decided to challenge ourselves to solve a series of complicated mathematical problems. These problems would take too long to…

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