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Accountability - Piraeus Consulting

  As a practicing project manager for over five years, one of the most common challenges I’ve seen is how to get work done with people over whom you don’t have direct authority. Whether they are your client’s direct reports,…

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Data Lake - Piraeus Consulting

  In the span of my 16-year career, I’ve witnessed firsthand the incredible maturation of data processing and storage in the context of many large business intelligence projects. In the early days, setting up a new data environment was an…

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Machine Learning Piraeus Consulting tree

Part I, Data Selection  Modern business intelligence (BI) strategies, especially those that deal with large quantities of real time data of varying quality, are best handled using machine learning (ML) for efficient, effective and automated data parsing. This is the…

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email piraeus consulting

  Over the past year and a half as a project manager, I have spent the majority of my time convincing employees of a major tech company to volunteer days and weeks of their time to train new hires without…

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