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Piraeus Consulting - Understanding Conceptual Data Models

  Recently, I attended a brown bag where one of our senior consultants, let’s call her Michelle, outlined the basics of conceptual and logical data models. I’m nowhere near Michelle’s level of technical expertise, but I still found her presentation…

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Cloud Security - Piraeus Consulting

With the introduction of cloud services, organizations were handed a powerful enabler to IT modernization: a means to store and process information that is flexible, scalable, and relatively inexpensive. Unfortunately, some strings are attached – a plethora of new, cloud-unique security risks. Concerns over confidentiality, data governance, and more cause many businesses to shy away from fully embracing…

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Good Grammar: It Matters

Good Grammar - Piraeus Consulting

  Think of one skill that nearly every professional uses on a daily basis. The first thing that comes to my mind is writing. Once we enter the professional space, paying close attention to our grammar is something that can…

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Information Architecture - Piraeus Consulting

Using Party and Party Role Concepts to Represent Business Relationships in a Data Model: Overview Every business has a complex set of relationships with multiple companies and individuals from diverse backgrounds and roles. For example, retail companies sell products to…

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Business Intelligence Piraeus Consulting

Business intelligence (BI) is both ubiquitous and invisible in today’s world. For those who have heard of BI, the definition is either fuzzy, inaccessible or confusing. Those who have not heard of BI are oblivious to a powerful, complex process…

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