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Data Lake - Piraeus Consulting

  In the span of my 16-year career, I’ve witnessed firsthand the incredible maturation of data processing and storage in the context of many large business intelligence projects. In the early days, setting up a new data environment was an…

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Machine Learning Piraeus Consulting tree

Part I, Data Selection  Modern business intelligence (BI) strategies, especially those that deal with large quantities of real time data of varying quality, are best handled using machine learning (ML) for efficient, effective and automated data parsing. This is the…

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email piraeus consulting

  Over the past year and a half as a project manager, I have spent the majority of my time convincing employees of a major tech company to volunteer days and weeks of their time to train new hires without…

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Machine Learning Piraeus Consulting

  I had done some machine learning in the past but never using Azure’s Machine Learning Studio, and I wanted to give it a try. The following example uses machine learning to predict how individuals respond to a bank’s direct…

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3NF Piraeus Consulting

Third normal form is a critical tool in the data developer’s kit, but it is often poorly understood. Typical explanations of it simply parrot highly formalized definitions from the white papers that defined and standardized it, principally Codd’s. This can…

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Slack Piraeus Consulting

We live in a world filled with a vast array of written communication options: email, messaging apps, and social media, among others. Oftentimes you may wonder (as I sometimes do): Have these tools improved communication on an internal level for…

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data_reporting Piraeus Consulting

If you’re a seasoned analytics developer, you may be able to relate to the following scenario: You’ve spent more hours than you’d like to admit designing a report that will blow your director away. It has time series drill downs…

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Tableau Vizable Piraeus Consulting (2)

At their October user conference, Tableau unveiled their new visualization app: Vizable. Vizable is built for the iPad and promises to empower non-professionals to represent spreadsheets visually and to manipulate data in easy-to-use charts and graphs. Dave Story, Tableau’s Vice President…

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Blog Feature Image - Dan (200 x 73)

  In the increasingly globalized world of today, effective and instantaneous communication is a key part of business – business which is carried out in hundreds of different languages. In a Chinese company like Beyondsoft, this communication is carried out…

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What I Learned As An Intern

intern piraeus consulting

The role of an intern is a unique position within a company. I am a college senior surrounded by genius minds doing impressive work. I get to learn from top talent who have years of experience in the business world…

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