At Piraeus, Business Intelligence isn’t just code or graphs—it’s the combination of data integration, business process, and analytics built specifically to change the course of projects, organizations, and even companies. There’s enormous value in knowing immediately if large marketing campaigns are succeeding or failing, in identifying exactly where customers are exiting the website before purchasing, and in ensuring your dozens, hundreds, or thousands of employees are all working toward the same goal with the right scorecard.

Cloud-Enabled Solutions

At Piraeus, leveraging the BI cloud environment on behalf of our customers is part of our day-to-day workflow. Whether your business runs in Amazon or Azure, we can meet your business computational needs with our skilled team of developers and analysts. Additionally we can lead your IT team through migrating to the BI cloud, or leveraging BI cloud-only technologies.

Data Extraction with Confidence

By developing a deep understanding of your business, we’ll robustly integrate data
across existing systems to create one, actionable version of the truth.

Data Warehousing, Data Marts, and Analytical Cubes

We’ll create the Data Warehouse, Data Marts and Analytical Cubes you need to
leverage the data you already collect and get results into the hands of your decision makers faster.

Analysis & Dashboards

View your data in easy-to-use dashboards to gain invaluable insights
at a glance and make rapid changes to strategy. Whether you use Power BI, Tableau or QuikView – we have you covered.

Faster and Reliable Reporting Interfaces

Piraeus can dramatically speed up under performing dashboards and reports.
As one of our core specialties, BI dashboard and report improvements can be accomplished quickly and affordable,
and have an immediate impact on user satisfaction and adoption.

Dashboard Performance

With our expertise in reporting services, Power BI, Tableau, SharePoint Online (SPO), and Excel, Piraeus can often improve dashboard and report performance by 30% or more without having to make any modifications to the data backend the reports rely upon.
A typical engagement takes less than four weeks and has an immediate, measurable impact on report speed and user satisfaction.

Efficient Cubes & Datamarts

Piraeus builds dozens of cubes a quarter, including both multidimensional and tabular OLAP cubes. By comparing existing cubes and datamarts to reporting needs, we’re able to deliver clear, actionable recommendations on how to improve performance. These recommendations will make your cubes and datamarts perform radically faster, whether you decide to have us implement them or handle implementation with your team.

Report & Dashboard Design

We excel at building effective and engaging reports and dashboards that you can trust. Our design and user experience engineers develop reports not only to improve them aesthetically, but also to increase ease of consumption. Are your reports clear and effective? Are the KPIs you need easy to access, or buried in filters? Piraeus works directly with both your stakeholders and business divisions to improve the look, feel, and functionality of your reports and dashboards.

Business Analysis

Key to Business Intelligence is WHAT to do with your data, and core to the Business Intelligence work we do for our partners is not only managing data, but turning that data into meaningful information. We do this with an approach that takes the business needs into consideration first, and bases our success on actionable results.

Sales and Marketing

We can help segment your customer base, understand campaign performance, and work with you to develop superior promotions by measuring the effectiveness of past approaches.


Whether your need is automation of monthly business reviews, or the creation of business scorecards, our analysts can help build out dynamic solutions encompassing what-if scenarios to forecast modeling and budgeting.

Key Performance Indicators

Make sure your reporting is communicating in the most effective way possible with the right KPI metrics. Our analysts can help in the creation of new Key Performance Indicators to help connect daily performance to your business objectives through revised KPI reporting.


Piraeus can help you focus on what results are statistically significant. Our analysts can help your Sales and Marketing organization with churn analysis, customer segmentation, predictive modeling, and multivariate testing to get the most out of your campaigns and customer life-cycle programs.

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