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Piraeus Consulting - Clock

  Recently, I have been working on a project involving tabular models. For the uninitiated, tabular models are a recent development in SQL/Excel PowerPivot that combine the flexibility of a conventional database with the data density of a multidimensional cube….

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Piraeus Consulting - Understanding Conceptual Data Models

  Recently, I attended a brown bag where one of our senior consultants, let’s call her Michelle, outlined the basics of conceptual and logical data models. I’m nowhere near Michelle’s level of technical expertise, but I still found her presentation…

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Data Lake - Piraeus Consulting

  In the span of my 16-year career, I’ve witnessed firsthand the incredible maturation of data processing and storage in the context of many large business intelligence projects. In the early days, setting up a new data environment was an…

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Power BI Data Piraeus Consulting

If you’ve explored Microsoft’s new Power BI Designer, you’ve notice one intriguing feature: the number of sources used to pull data. With the source count growing continuously with every weekly update (it’s now up to 42), this array of options…

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PowerShell can be daunting when approached by first-time users. However, there are a few quick ways that it can make your life easier when it comes to server administration. 1. Migrate multiple Hyper-V VMs at once. Multiple VM migration can…

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