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git branching Piraeus Consulting

Recently, my team has been involved in a conversion to Git from Team Foundation Server (TFS). Git, like TFS, is a version control system (VCS). This is a way for developers to maintain the integrity of their code by having…

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video game development Piraeus Consulting

Nurturing a video game project is like learning your first handstand, especially if you’re an independent developer with very little game industry experience. It can be disheartening when first starting out and observing that your heroes, such as Tim Schaffer,…

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JavaScript Game Design Piraeus Consulting

In my last post, we went over adding a user agent to our previous map. In this post, we’ll be going over how to create a non-payable character (NPC) and add it to the grid. A major piece of almost every…

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JavaScript Game Grid Piraeus Consulting

In my last post, we went over creating a map with cells to fill the grid (a cell for each column and row). In this post, we’ll be going over adding a user agent to our previous map. The example…

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sugarscape Creating a Gird Piraeus

So you’re a gamer, and you’ve heard a lot about HTML5 and SVG, and the endless possibilities that exist for making simple games without programs like Adobe Flash or Java, but you don’t know where to start. Imagine for a…

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