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Get Started with SQL on Azure

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If you are a developer interested in leveraging the power of the cloud for your project, Microsoft’s Azure is one of the leading platforms to consider. Microsoft has gone “all-in” on the cloud and that includes the venerable SQL Server. If…

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SQL Error

Dealing with failures is an all-too-common feature of our complex, interconnected digital world. Here are some tips I’ve found for understanding and resolving errors with SQL Server and a couple of my “favorite” errors. Step 1: Review the logs When…

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As analysts, one of the most powerful ways to boost our capabilities is to learn SQL, so it’s no surprise that basic SQL knowledge is becoming ubiquitous. However, analysts looking to sharpen their skills commonly overlook the necessity for a…

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Processing Data Flow tasks in parallel allows multiple items to be completed simultaneously thus reducing overall execution length. Place multiple non-dependent data flow tasks within the same sequence container without data flow connectors enforcing a sequential flow. 2. Specify column…

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It’s the call every database engineer dreads: a critical (and usually well-behaved) query has been running for hours with no end in sight. SLAs are at stake. The pressure is rising. The DB-A Team isn’t taking your call. It’s time…

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It’s a common situation: you need some simple data entry forms and reports, but you’re facing one of the following blockers, and you have insufficient budget to work around them: You have complex business rules to implement, but no database…

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