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Accountability - Piraeus Consulting

  As a practicing project manager for over five years, one of the most common challenges I’ve seen is how to get work done with people over whom you don’t have direct authority. Whether they are your client’s direct reports,…

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email piraeus consulting

  Over the past year and a half as a project manager, I have spent the majority of my time convincing employees of a major tech company to volunteer days and weeks of their time to train new hires without…

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Slack Piraeus Consulting

We live in a world filled with a vast array of written communication options: email, messaging apps, and social media, among others. Oftentimes you may wonder (as I sometimes do): Have these tools improved communication on an internal level for…

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Masters in Project Management Piraeus

  My daughter was three months old when I decided to go back to school to pursue my Master’s degree in Project Management. For most people, this is not the ideal time to go to school, but I didn’t want…

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joseph_nye piraeus consulting

In the late 1980s, American political scientist, Joseph Nye, introduced the concept of soft power as a policy to express the ability to gain traction with foreign nations and groups through attraction and persuasion rather than using coercion or military…

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Addressing Decision Fatigue

Decisions Piraeus Consulting

Improving the Cost of Making Decisions One of my main tasks as a Project Manager is to identify decisions and tradeoffs that need to be made, and to help the client make those decisions. Naturally, I have a vested interest…

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Management Piraeus Consulting

The Importance of Clarity in Communications Have you ever read meeting notes that made you scratch your head, wondering what was accomplished or if any decisions were made? Who was assigned key tasks? What’s next? This can be particularly common…

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What do Project Managers do?

Project_Management Piraeus consulting

The high-level view of a Project Manager’s day to day. If you’re somewhere wondering, ‘what is Project Management really’ or ‘what do Project Managers do’, then this blog post is for you! One of the most rewarding aspects of Project Management…

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Blog_So_You_Project_Manager Piraeus

3 Things That Will Help You Start a Career in Project Management Writing skills—check. Organizational skills—check. People skills—check. Congratulations; you have all the essential skills to be a Project Manager! That’s the cool thing about Project Management. You don’t need…

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Project Management and asking for help

Perhaps crunch time is looming. Or you feel completely lost. Yet, the mere thought of scheduling time with a sponsor or stakeholder to ask more questions, or delegating work to others on a project can induce pangs of anxiety in…

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