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Masters in Project Management Piraeus

  My daughter was three months old when I decided to go back to school to pursue my Master’s degree in Project Management. For most people, this is not the ideal time to go to school, but I didn’t want…

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video game development Piraeus Consulting

Nurturing a video game project is like learning your first handstand, especially if you’re an independent developer with very little game industry experience. It can be disheartening when first starting out and observing that your heroes, such as Tim Schaffer,…

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Power of Why

Children are insightful, charming, and utterly infuriating–sometimes all at the same time! As I’ve watched mine grow and explore the world, they’ve taught me a few things that I apply as a consultant on a daily basis when seeking to…

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pplanning T

At the beginning of any project, you will have to plan for three factors that all projects are constrained by: scope, cost, and time. Together, these three form the “Iron Triangle” of project planning; they are directly responsible for the…

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Whether your project’s budget is in the thousands or millions of dollars, timeline spanning years or months, I’ve learned that there is something universal for all projects; the importance of a project plan with clear milestones and task ownership. When…

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