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Tableau Vizable Piraeus Consulting (2)

At their October user conference, Tableau unveiled their new visualization app: Vizable. Vizable is built for the iPad and promises to empower non-professionals to represent spreadsheets visually and to manipulate data in easy-to-use charts and graphs. Dave Story, Tableau’s Vice President…

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Tableau Summit Piraeus Consulting

  Tableau recently hosted its 2016 Partner Summit in Austin, Texas, which provided a multitude of training sessions to help partners learn more about Tableau. Some of the more interesting sessions revolved around the dashboard building process and featured Tableau…

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Tableau Insights Piraeus Consulting

BI in Layers This is an exciting and difficult time in Business Intelligence. The tools available are advancing at a breathtaking rate while best practices are changing equally as fast. While the tools promise to take in data and output…

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Reflections on Edward Tufte

Edward Tufte

A few weeks ago, multiple members of Piraeus attended a one day course put on by Edward Tufte in Seattle. Expectations, and skepticism, amongst the group varied between “Who is that?” to “Tufte is a visualization legend!” He did invent…

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As BI professionals, we rarely lack software to support our work, but we often do lack information relevant to helping us select the right software for the right need. In its 2013 rollout of Power BI, Microsoft introduced a suite…

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