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  Recently, I have been working on a project involving tabular models. For the uninitiated, tabular models are a recent development in SQL/Excel PowerPivot that combine the flexibility of a conventional database with the data density of a multidimensional cube….

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Tableau Summit Piraeus Consulting

  Tableau recently hosted its 2016 Partner Summit in Austin, Texas, which provided a multitude of training sessions to help partners learn more about Tableau. Some of the more interesting sessions revolved around the dashboard building process and featured Tableau…

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Tableau Insights Piraeus Consulting

BI in Layers This is an exciting and difficult time in Business Intelligence. The tools available are advancing at a breathtaking rate while best practices are changing equally as fast. While the tools promise to take in data and output…

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Cumulative T

Depending on the insights desired, presenting data models as cumulative, rolling totals – as opposed to showing a Grand Total broken out over periods of time – can be an invaluable tool in analyzing key business decisions, spotting the difference…

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