Why I Enjoy Working at Piraeus/Beyondsoft

I have been working at Piraeus since 2014, and it was my first job after college. Since I started, I have met numerous professionals with remarkable achievements who are passionate about their careers. Despite the professional work environment, there is always laughter in our break room during lunch time and breaks from work. (We even have tons of refreshments, snacks, ping pong, and Wii!) The balance between hard work and comradery is just one reason why I would like to introduce you to this great company and share my experiences with you.

Smooth Integration

After hearing a friend from college speak highly about Piraeus, I was inspired to apply for an open position at the company on a new, exciting Microsoft project. At the time, they were looking for multi-lingual professionals with corporate sector experience to provide the Microsoft services sales field with general contracting support.

The whole interview process went smoothly, and I spoke with some of the team members, as well as the account manager, to learn more about the job and to set up expectations. They were honest and open with me about what they were trying to accomplish and about the challenges of the project, which provided me with many insights on the job from the start.

I was invited to a team lunch on my first day and was introduced to everyone on the team. They eased my nervousness, and I felt truly welcomed by them.

A Diverse, International Team

My team is based in Redmond and speaks multiple languages, as employees are from all over the world. I grew up in China and went to the University of Washington. Our team lead was born in Bosnia, and he has shared some interesting European history with our team. A friend of mine from the University of Washington, an American-born Taiwanese, is also on the team. We often find ourselves having similar views since we share similar cultures. Also, there was a woman on our team who grew up in Brazil and received her law degree there. Even though she has left the team, we still keep in touch with her.

A unique aspect of our team is that we don’t actually meet in the office every day, even though we are actively involved in helping and supporting each other. We talk and exchange ideas via different technical platforms, such as Skype, Outlook and Wechat. The physical distance doesn’t stop us from being a productive team that is open and supportive of each other.

Career Opportunities in China

When Piraeus was acquired by Beyondsoft last year, I was able to easily relocate back to China and keep on my career path with the company. Beyondsoft is a much bigger global IT consulting, solutions, and services provider, allowing me opportunities for growth. I was lucky enough to be transferred to their Shenzhen office in China and to learn about their greater business with IBM, Tecent, Ping An Bank, and other big companies in the world. I was also fortunate to be introduced to resources in Shanghai after revealing my interest in project management to my manager back in the US.

There are a lot of opportunities with this company, and I always feel valued and presented with the resources necessary to further my career. If this sounds great to you, check out our website for career opportunities.

By Vicky Jiang | Associate, PMO