Management Consulting

Piraeus’ Management Consulting practice offers a rounded approach to analyzing team performance to understand the path to maximum effectiveness.

High performing teams can be strong in some areas while have gaps in others. Our practice isolates those gaps, and addresses them with targeted expertise to bring your whole business to the next level.

Project Management

Piraeus Consulting has a data driven approach to Project Management that stems from our BI development roots. Our Project Managers are expert communicators who provide end to end service for project based and program based support. You can expect our team to always bring clarity and order to your work, while driving the results you need with a right-sized amount of rigor vs. agility.

Advanced Analytics

The Piraeus team of business analysts understands your business and how you can use the data you have to drive your goals. For data investigations and interpretations small and large scale, our analysts can collaborate with your team to extract the insights you need to make sound business decisions and accelerate your results.


To bridge the gap between your data and your objectives, Piraeus provides data-centric analysts with a unique blend of technical and business expertise. This approach significantly reduces the extra hours and overhead needed for a successful project desks.

Workshop Consulting

Led by experience, managed by experts, and delivered by a savvy team of project managers, analysts, and developers, Workshop Consulting is our unique approach to the ordinary staffing engagement.


A mix of Associate and Senior consultants, even for small projects, ensures the right talents are applied efficiently against the right workflows, instead of Senior consultants working on minor issues.


There are always multiple people with expertise working for a given project or business, which mitigates risk, broadens the pool of expertise, and increases the velocity of scalability.


The Workshop approach is, at its core, a team approach, managed by Piraeus to meet our clients’ goals. We take responsibility for ensuring the right team is assigned, including making changes to that team as the project matures.


Workshop Consulting delivers on the needs of our clients and team members alike. Our employees love it because they expand their contributions across multiple projects and our clients benefit from retaining a wide array of experts only for the time they are needed.

Microsoft with Piraeus

Piraeus has a proven history of successful screening programs with Microsoft which includes:
– Program Management
– Audit support
– Background investigation programs (specialized screening)

“Piraeus’ contributions have been instrumental to the growth and success of the Specialized Screening program. Over the duration of the contract, Piraeus has grown from facilitating specialized screening processes to being recognized as an authority by the various teams participating in the process, to an advocate who worked with other business groups who wished to launch their own specialized screening efforts.”
– Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

Screening Project Management

Piraeus worked to effectively manage a Specialized Screening programs for business operations and compliance perspectives.

The Piraeus project manager worked closely with all workstreams to ensure adequate screened staff to support services without exceeding operational cost objectives. This required close working relationships with numerous organizations within the company.

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